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in Munich (DE)


Beethoven, Schumann, Prokofiev and Shor


Christian Ditfurth's "Zwei Sekunden"

started piano aged 4

related to Willhelm Kempff


can stretch from C to G (LH)
last broke a string 5pm, 9/2/18 in Brussels (BE) - during practice
also plays

the guitar, violin and harmonica


studied with Helen Goharitz ('82), Ronald Smith ('84), Chris Elton ('92), Clarence Myerscough ('93), Hamish Milne ('96), Howard Davis (96), Emmanuil Monaszon ('97), Matthew Coorey ('11)
adores the music of Bruckner & Gershwin
greatly admires Bernstein, Giulini and Myung-whun Chung
recently loved performing Haydn 49 in Moscow
recently didn't love what winter does to the skin on my hands/fingers
enjoys running, skiing, (mountain-)hiking/climbing, swimming, cycling, weight-training, languages, cars, cooking & coffee
speaks fluent English, German, Russian, French, Japanese
and some Italian, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Serbian, Norwegian and Danish
and VERY little

Polish, Slovene, Czech, Finnish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Turkish, Romanian, isiZulu, Urdu, Estonian, Greek, Swedish, Arabic & Vietnamese

likes 一蘭, Atomic (ski), пельмени and South Australian Shiraz
drives Mercedes V BlueTEC 4-Matic
skied 24 days in winter '17'/18 

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